Singapore Yu-Gi-Oh! Circuit Season 3 Day 2 (24/11)

Date: 24 November 2018
Limit Regulation List: October 2018 OCG
Venue: Singapore
Number of Participants: 32
Format: 5 rounds Swiss to Top Cut Elimination

1st Place: Sky Striker
2nd Place: Trickstars

The Singapore Yu-Gi-Oh! Circuit (SYC) is a series of tournaments in Singapore that aims to give the local players more chances to compete in larger-than-average tournaments. Which could prove useful in bringing up the standard of the players; and give them sufficient practice for the major qualifiers. The top 2 players of each circuit tournament will be invited to the SYC Finals held in January, more details will be confirmed once all 4 seasons are completed.

Feature Match Link:

1st Place: Yong Qian Rui [Sky Striker]

YGOPro Deck File Download

2nd Place: Tan Jia Heng [Trickstars]

YGOPro Deck File Download

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