Sleeve Reprint Voting Contest

Always have a sleeve of a monster artwork you wanted to get but didn’t manage to buy? Another voting contest is up for which sleeve to reprint!

The OCG Card Database website is running a contest where you can now vote on your favourite monster artwork sleeve to reprint! 62 choices will be made available in the poll and the top 2 sleeves will receive a reprint!

Note: This contest is only available on the OCG Japanese Card Database website. To vote, login to the Card Database first, then go to the top right and select 日本語. Then the voting contest will show up.

The voting contest will be held in 2 parts.

Top 10 Vote: The top 10 artworks will be picked out during this period of time based on the votes.
(September 21,2018 from 12 noon to October 2, 2018 midnight, Japan time)

Final Vote: Pick your favourite artwork to receive reprints!
(October 3, 2018 from 12 noon to October 9, 2018 midnight, Japan time)

The final results will be announced on October 10, 2018 at 5pm Japan time!

These are the 62 artworks available for the vote. To vote, click on the artwork of your choice on the OCG Card Database.Following that to confirm your vote, click on 投票する. You may change your vote at any time during the voting period.

Source from OCG Card Database Website

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