[SOFU] Orphegel Orchestrion

Just a couple of days before Soul Fusion’s release, a brand new theme’s ace monster has been revealed!

オルフェゴール・オーケストリオン Orphegel Orchestrion
DARK Machine Link Effect Monster
LINK-4 ATK3000
Links: Top, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom
Materials: 2+ Effect Monsters including an “Orphegel” monster
You can only use the (2) effect of this card’s name once per turn.
(1) While this card is linked, it cannot be destroyed by battle or card effects.
(2) You can target 3 of your banished Machine monsters; Return them to the Deck, also, if your opponent controls any face-up monsters that are linked, the ATK and DEF of those monsters becomes 0 and their effects are negated.

Translated by The Organization
Source from OCG Official Twitter

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