[SSB1] We got the goods!

Here comes all that sweet goodies you get if you get the Sky Striker variant of the Secret Shiny Box!

This shows the various items you will receive inside the Sky striker variant of the Secret Shiny Box including

  • Promotional card: 2 Sky Striker promotional cards including the new Strategic Striker H.A.M.P. revealed today
  • Duelist Card Protector: 1 of 2 designs featuring either “Sky Striker Mobilize – Engage!” or “Sky Striker Ace – Kagari”
  • Special Acrylic stand: 1 of 2 designs featuring either “Sky Striker Ace – Roze” or “Sky Striker Ace – Raye”
  • Special Storage box: Sky Striker theme based design

Each box will include 5 packs of the Secret Shiny Box Special Pack, of which some were just shown earlier today!

Furthermore, the website information states that aside from the 6 new promotional cards you can obtain as a Super Rare variant in the Special Pack, there will be 4 other promotional cards which will only be available in the Special Pack.

Source from OCG Official Website

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