[ST18] Starter Deck 2018 Full List

The full check list for Starter Deck 2018 is out! Just so you know what you get when you buy the deck for those Linkuribohs and a chance at that collectible card promotion!

ST18-JP001 Leodron (Normal Parallel)
ST18-JP002 Texchanger (Normal Parallel)
ST18-JP003 Widget Kid (Super Rare)
ST18-JP004 Cyberse Whitehat (Ultra Rare)
ST18-JP005 Bitron
ST18-JP006 Draconnet
ST18-JP007 RAM Clouder
ST18-JP008 Linkslayer
ST18-JP009 Flamvell Guard
ST18-JP010 Beast King Barbaros
ST18-JP011 Cyber Dragon (Normal Parallel)
ST18-JP012 Exarion Universe
ST18-JP013 Evilswarm Mandragora
ST18-JP014 Witch of the Black Forest
ST18-JP015 Sangan
ST18-JP016 Marshmallon
ST18-JP017 Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter
ST18-JP018 Battle Fader
ST18-JP019 Swift Scarecrow
ST18-JP020 Effect Veiler
ST18-JP021 Cynet Recover (Super Rare)
ST18-JP022 Cynet Universe
ST18-JP023 Monster Reborn
ST18-JP024 Dark Hole (Normal Parallel)
ST18-JP025 Mystical Space Typhoon
ST18-JP026 Book of Moon
ST18-JP027 Forbidden Lance
ST18-JP028 United We Stand
ST18-JP029 Pot of Avarice
ST18-JP030 Pot of Duality
ST18-JP031 Burden of the Mighty
ST18-JP032 Supply Squad
ST18-JP033 Cynet Regression (Normal Parallel)
ST18-JP034 Call of the Haunted
ST18-JP035 Mirror Force
ST18-JP036 Torrential Tribute
ST18-JP037 Bottomless Trap Hole
ST18-JP038 Compulsory Evacuation Device
ST18-JP039 Fiendish Chain
ST18-JP040 Dark Bribe
ST18-JP041 Transcode Talker (Ultra Rare)
ST18-JP042 Pentestag (Super Rare)
ST18-JP043 Honeybot
ST18-JP044 Link Spider
ST18-JP045 Linkuriboh (Normal Parallel)

For more info on new cards, reprints and promotions for the Starter Deck 2018, check out our archive!

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