Structure Deck: Pulse of the King

Waga Tamashi, Red Daemon’s Dragon!!

Structure Deck Ouja no Koudou (Structure Deck: Pulse of the King)

June 24th, 2023 is the release of a pre-constructed Structure Deck centered around the super popular character “Jack Atlas” from the series “Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s” and his ace monster, “Red Dragon Archfiend”. This Deck comes with a “Deck Power-Up Pack” related to the Deck’s strategy. 5 Cards will be included in it, and 1 card will be a Secret Rare. And there’s also 1 special card that comes with the entire set that’s Super Rare.

Structure Deck: Pulse of the King
Release Date: June 24th, 2023
Maker: Konami
Price: 1430 Yen

1 Pre-Constructed Deck
1 Deck Power-Up Pack (5 Cards; 1 Ultra Rare; 4 Super Rares, 1 of the cards is also a Secret Rare)
1 Bonus Card (Super Rare)
1 Duel Field/Playing Guide


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