Structure Deck Theme – Voting Campaign

Do you like to vote for which legacy Yu-Gi-Oh! theme to get support? Here’s your chance with the Structure Deck Theme voting campaign!

To commemorate the 20 years of OCG’s history, a new voting campaign is coming up where you can vote for the next theme to receive support in a Structure Deck in the form of a voting contest! Voting starts from June 21, 5pm Japan time. More details about the 20 themes will be announced at a later time.

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6 thoughts on “Structure Deck Theme – Voting Campaign”

  1. Jason Lee says:

    will this be where i go to vote or can only people in the ocg vote

    1. Khaled Besnaci says:

      some youtubers show how 2 and it’s also on social media (its not too hard)

  2. Tyler Martinez says:

    Where can we vote for which legacy support we want more of ?

    1. Khaled Besnaci says:

      some youtubers show how to and it’s also on social media

  3. Leith D Kelly says:

    I would love to see a Super Quantum deck.

  4. Cameron Popham says:

    Cubic please for the love of God make them playable please konami you made support but no monsters cubic need monsters for God sake your killing me
    Otherwise wind ups or help out the frightfur fluffles as the a deck you killed with like monsters God sakes fix the game

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