Structure Deck Theme Voting Contest (24/06 update)

Ice Barriers take the lead!

Here are the interim results for the Structure Deck 2020 theme voting contest updated for June 24, 1700 hours (Japan time)!

1st – Ice Barrier
2nd – Cyber Style
3rd – Gusto
4th – Trickstar
5th – Morphtronic
6th – Kuriboh
7th – Kaiju
8th – Star Seraph
9th – Tour Guide
10th – Superheavy Samurai

Voting ends on June 25, 2359 hours (Japan time)! If you are interested to vote to get your top 2 favourite themes made into Structure Decks, voting instructions are linked here!

Source from OCG Official Twitter

2 thoughts on “Structure Deck Theme Voting Contest (24/06 update)”

  1. Devin says:

    I will fucking kill myself

  2. Quan19191912 says:

    Where is Volcanic?

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