Structure Deck Theme Voting Contest (25/06 update)

Less then a day left and Gusto has is now among the top 2!

Here are the interim results for the Structure Deck 2020 theme voting contest updated for June 25, 0900 hours (Japan time)!

1st – Cyber Style
2nd –Gusto
3rd – Ice Barrier
4th – Trickstar
5th – Morphtronic
6th – Kuriboh
7th – Kaiju
8th – Star Seraph
9th – Tour Guide
10th – Superheavy Samurai

Voting ends on June 25, 2359 hours (Japan time)! If you are interested to vote to get your top 2 favourite themes made into Structure Decks, voting instructions are linked here!

Source from OCG Official Twitter

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