Structure Deck Theme Voting Contest

You know you like these contests!

Update: Now with instructions on how to vote!

It’s time for a new Structure Deck Theme voting contest! 10 themes are up for the vote where the top 2 themes will both be made into official structure decks! The voting contest starts today at 5pm (Japan time). Here are the themes!

Voting period:
June 19 (17:00 Japan time) up till June 25 (23:59 Japan time)

Themes to vote for:
– Kuriboh
– Cyber Style
– Morphtronic
– Star Seraph
– Superheavy Samurai
– Trickstar
– Ice Barrier
– Gusto
– Tour Guide
– Kaiju

Voting results will be announced on June 30 (21:00 Japan time) on the OCG Official Twitter

Product Release Dates:
1st place theme Structure Deck – Release in November 2020
2nd place theme Structure Deck – Released in 2021

Product price: 1200 per deck

How to vote:
Step 1: Go to the OCG Database and login to your account.

Step 2: Click on your choice out of the 10 choices available.

Step 3: Click on “投票する” to confirm your vote!

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28 thoughts on “Structure Deck Theme Voting Contest”

  1. omar layoussifi says:


    1. Justice says:

      Cyber Style

  2. Fabio says:

    Ice Barrier

  3. Harold Ray Michael says:

    Trickstar cause we need new stuff for them lol

    1. Khaled Besnaci says:

      Join us, cyber dragons need redemption after some of the incoherence in its organization !!!!!

    2. Mitchell says:


  4. Derek says:

    Cyber Style Or Kaiju

    1. Khaled Besnaci says:

      yeah lets get it out there, CYBERS FTW!!!!!

  5. Abel says:

    Tour guide

  6. Carlos says:

    Cyber Style

    1. Khaled Besnaci says:

      Spread the word for cyber man, let’s spread it!!!!!

  7. Carl says:

    Ice Barrier

  8. Adam says:


    1. Roberto says:

      Ice barrier

  9. Simon Alvarez says:


  10. Matthew Burd says:

    Tour guide

  11. DarkwarriorYn says:


  12. Hunter Peterson says:

    Star seraph

  13. Javier says:

    Ice barrier for the ultimate redemption

  14. Mario A. Morales Velmont says:

    Cyber Style

    1. Khaled Besnaci says:

      spread the word 4 cyber style, I am 2!!!!!

  15. Dante, The Whitest Pimp O the Burning Abyss says:

    Tour Guide!

  16. gee says:

    Kuriboh or Tour Guide…wanna see what sort of winning condition konami wanna giv em

  17. marvinsod says:

    lets give ice barrier a proper tuners for their dragons

  18. Cyberdarkfanatic says:

    Cyber style, we need to properly combine the cyberdarks with cyber dragon.

    1. Khaled Besnaci says:

      yes, please let more people know, that’s what I’ve been sayin

  19. Leith D Kelly says:

    I want Kaiju’s to get an arch type deck, because I think they deserve it.

  20. christopher l turner says:

    I’m voting for superheavy samerai as they need a structure deck for suport

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