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The previously posted “Summer National General OCG Test” is over and here are the answers to the questions! (If you should wish to try the test yourself before checking the answers, you can check our original post linked here.

Correct answers will be highlighted.

Basic questions

  1. While your Attack Position Blue-Eyes White Dragon and the opponent’s Attack Position Dark Magician are battling, how much battle damage is taken?

A) You take 2500 damage, the opponent takes 3000 damage.
B) The opponent takes 3000 damage.
C) You gain 500 life points, the opponent takes 500 damage.
D) The opponent takes 500 damage.
E) Both players take no damage.

Explanation: If 2 attack position monsters do battle, the monster with the lower ATK is destroyed and it’s player takes damage equal to the difference in ATK. As your Blue-Eyes White Dragon has 3000 ATK and the opponent’s Dark Magician has 2500 ATK, the opponent takes the difference of 500 as damage. 

  1. What is the maximum amount of cards you can have in your Extra Deck?

A) 0 unless stated in the tournament.
B) 10 cards.
C) 15 cards.
D) 5 cards.
E) Any amount is fine (Even 100 cards is fine).

Explanation: As per the current official rules, you can have 0 ~ 15 cards in your Extra Deck. 

  1. What is the maximum amount of monsters you can have on your field?

A) 4 monsters.
B) 5 monsters.
C) 6 monsters.
D) 3 monsters.
E) 7 monsters.

Explanation: Normally when you summon a monster, you can use your 5 Main Monster Zones and 1 of the Extra Monster Zones. However if you have completed an “Extra Link” where the Link monsters are co-linked, you will be able to use both Extra Monster Zones. In this situation, you can have up to 7 monsters on your field. 

  1. Regarding rules for cards in the Graveyard, which is accurate?

A) Cards in the Graveyard should be placed face-down so that they cannot be seen.
B) The maximum amount of cards that can be placed in the Graveyard is 20.
C) During the duel, contents of cards in the Graveyard can be confirmed.
D) During a match, cards that were sent to the Graveyard during the 1st duel will stay in the Graveyard when starting the 2nd duel.
E) When placing a new card into the Graveyard, shuffle the cards in the Graveyard.

Explanation: Cards that are sent to both players’ Graveyards due to effects or destroyed are public knowledge. Both players can confirm the contents of the Graveyard if necessary during the duel. However, do not check the contents of the Graveyard multiple times to unnecessarily lengthen the duel or change the order of cards in the Graveyard.

  1. Stargazer Magician and Timegazer Magician are on your Pendulum Zones. What levels of monsters can you Pendulum Summon?

A) Only Level 4.
B) You are unable to Pendulum Summon.
C) Levels 3 ~ 6.
D) Levels 2 ~ 7.
E) Levels 1 ~ 8.

Explanation: A Pendulum Summon allows you to Special Summon a monster with a level between the Pendulum Scales of the two Pendulum Monsters in your Pendulum Zones. The Pendulum Scale of Stargazer Magician is 1 and Timegazer Magician is 8 so you can Pendulum Summon Level 2 ~ 7 monsters. 

  1. How should you correctly handle cards which have been banished by effects?

A) Place them in your deck case which has your side deck.
B) Under your Graveyard horizontally.
C) In your shirt pocket.
D) Shuffle it into your Deck.
E) Away from your duel field

Explanation: Banished cards are not treated as cards in your hand, field, graveyard or deck. To prevent mixing up the cards, set them outside your Duel Field clearly. Also, there are cards that effect banished cards so do not put them in a place where the opponent can lose sight of them such as in your deck case or shirt pocket. 

  1. The Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game first started in 4 February 1999. Which of the following cards was not included in “Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG Duel Monsters Vol. 1” that went on sale that day?

A) Blue-Eyes White Dragon
B) Dark Hole
C) Dark Magician
D) Gaia The Fierce Knight
E) Trap Hole

Explanation: Only Blue-Eyes White Dragon was in the Starter Box and not Vol. 1.

  1. Which of the following items do you not use when resolving card effects?

A) Counters
B) Tokens
C) Coin
D) Die
E) Pencil

Explanation: During a duel, a pencil is a necessary stationary to record your life points, but it is not an item required when resolving card effects. 

  1. Which of the following Special Summons are from resolving card effects?

A) Synchro Summon
B) Fusion Summon
C) Pendulum Summon
D) Link Summon
E) Xyz Summon

Explanation: Synchro, Xyz, Pendulum and Link Summon are Special Summons that can be made when the conditions are met. They are not Special Summons made by activating cards or effects. Fusion Summoning is a Summoning Method done by using cards and effects that perform Fusion Summoning.

  1. Which cards count as Cards on the field?

A) Banished cards
B) Cards in the Graveyard
C) Cards in the Extra Monster Zone
D) Cards in your hand
E) Cards in the Deck

Explanation: Cards on the field are placed in the monster zones (including the Extra Monster Zone), Spell & Trap Zone (Including the Pendulum Zone) and the Field Zone.

  1. Currently in August 2020, which of these classifications of monster effects do not exist?

A) Ignition Effect
B) Flip Effect
C) Continuous Effect
D) Quick Effect
E) Trigger Effect

Explanation: As of Master Rule 3 starting from 21 March 2014, Flip Effects were changed to be classified as Trigger Effects.

  1. Which of these descriptions of the card Monster Reborn is accurate?

A) A card that you cannot use in official tournaments.
B) A Spell Card.
C) A card that you can activate during the opponent’s turn.
D) A card that you cannot activate if your opponent’s Graveyard has no monsters.
E) A card that destroys monsters.

Explanation: Monster Reborn is a card that Special Summons a monster (Not a card that destroys monsters). It can be activated if there is a card that can be Special Summoned in either your or your opponent’s Graveyard. Since it is a Normal Spell Card, it cannot be activated in the opponent’s turn. Also as of August 2020, Monster Reborn is a limited card, so you may use it in an official tournament. 

  1. Which of the following explains Link Monsters?

A) Instead of Levels, it has Ranks.
B) The Polymerization Spell Card is required to Special Summon it.
C) You can place it from your hand as a Spell Card.
D) Special Summon it from your hand by tributing monsters.
E) It does not have Defense Position and does not have any Defense.

Explanation: Link Monsters are monsters that always exists on the field in face-up attack position. In addition, it does not have any Defense and instead, it has  “LINK” which indicates the amount of link markers it has.

  1. Which of the following plays are legal in the official rule?

A) Flip Summoning a face-down Defense Position monster you just set from your hand that turn.
B) Cancelling the attack declaration when the opponent activates “Mirror Force” after you make an attack declaration.
C) After Normal Summoning a monster from hand, Special Summoning a monster from the Graveyard using Call of the Haunted
D) After attack with a face-up Attack Position monster, change it to Defense Position in Main Phase 2.
E) At the start of the duel if you do not have even 1 monster card in your hand, shuffle your deck and draw.

Explanation: The turn player may Normal Summon a monster only once during their Main Phase. If all conditions are met, players can Special Summon any amount of times during the turn, even if they have Normal Summoned previously in that turn. 

  1. Which icon does not exist on Spell Cards?

A) Continuous
B) Ritual
C) Counter
D) Quick-Play
E) Equip

Explanation: The Counter icon only exists on Trap Cards. 

  1. What can the turn player not do during their Main Phase 1?

A) Link Summon a monster.
B) Declare the end of the turn.
C) Normal Summon a monster.
D) Set a Spell or Trap card.
E) Declare to enter the Battle Phase.

Explanation: You may declare the end of the turn during the End Phase. During the Main Phase 1, you cannot declare the end of the turn.

  1. Which of these monsters has the highest Defense?

A) Dark Magician
B) Stardust Dragon
C) Number 39: Utopia
D) Elemental HERO Neos
E) Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon

Explanation: Only Dark Magician has 2100 Defense. The other 4 monsters all have 2000 Defense.  

  1. When preparing for a duel, when do you draw the 5 cards at the start of the duel?

A) After shuffling the deck and deciding which player goes first.
B) After shuffling the deck.
C) During the Draw Phase of the turn player going first.
D) When it is the turn player’s own turn.
E) After shuffling the deck, before deciding which player goes first.

Explanation: At the start of the duel, you draw 5 cards only after shuffling the deck and deciding which player goes first. Before deciding which player goes first, you are not supposed to draw your hand at the start of the duel.

  1. In the official rule terms, which of these sets of terms have different meanings?

A) Attacking Monster and Attack Position Monster.
B) Removed from the Game and Banished.
C) Tribute and Released.
D) Tribute Summon and Advance Summon.
E) A monster that was set and a face-down Defense Position monster.

Explanation: Attack Position Monster refers to a monster in face-up Attack Position in the Monster Zone while an Attacking Monster refers to a monster that has declared an attack and is currently doing battle. 

  1. What is the correct explanation for “Tribute”?

A) Send the monster to the Graveyard.
B) Change the monster to face-down Defense Position.
C) Banish the monster.
D) Return the monster to hand.
E) Shuffle the monster into the deck.

Explanation: It is mentioned to “Send the monster to the Graveyard” in the official rulebook. 

  1. For the player going first, what is the very first Phase during their first turn?

A) Battle Phase
B) End Phase
C) Draw Phase
D) Main Phase 1
E) Standby Phase

Explanation: The first phase of the first player’s first turn is the draw phase. However the player does not draw during the draw phase. 

  1. Which of these monsters do not activate their effects in the hand?

A) Winged Kuriboh
B) Clear Kuriboh
C) Sphere Kuriboh
D) Kuriboh
E) Rainbow Kuriboh

Explanation: Winged Kuriboh is a monster that triggers it’s effect in the graveyard.

Application questions

  1. After you Summoned your Exiled Force which you wish to activate it’s effect, the opponent wishes to activates their set Trap Hole. Which of the following activations are accurate?

A) When you have Summoned, the opponent is able to activate the next effect, allowing your opponent to first activate Trap Hole. The Spell Speed one Exiled Force effect cannot be activated.
B) The opponent’s Trap Hole is activated first and gets resolved, making you unable to activate your Exiled Force.
C) Decide using Rock Paper Scissors, the player that wins gets to activate their effect first.
D) You get to activate Exiled Force effect and tribute it first, which does not allow your opponent to activate Trap Hole.
E) The opponent chains Trap Hole to the effect of your Exiled Force. As Exiled Force is destroyed, it’s effect is negated.

Explanation: Exiled Force is a Ignition effect. If there are effects activated when a monster is summoned such as Trap Hole, the activated effects must first be resolved, then you may activate Ignition effects. In this situation, the opponent’s activated Trap Hole will be resolved, then as Exiled Force was destroyed and is no longer on the field, it is not possible to activate the effect of Exiled Force. 

  1. When your Number 39: Utopia declares an attack, the opponent activates Dimensional Prison. Which of the following activations are accurate?

A) When Number 39: Utopia declares an attack, as the opponent is not able to activate card effects, Dimensional Prison cannot be activated.
B) In this situation, “Number 39: Utopia” effect is unable to activate and is banished by the effect of Dimensional Prison.
C) As Number 39: Utopia is a monster with “Number” in it’s name, it is not affected by effects and will not be banished by Dimensional Prison.
D) Number 39: Utopia chain’s it’s effect to negate the attack to the effect of Dimensional Prison, Number 39: Utopia does not get banished.
E) As Number 39: Utopia is an Xyz Monster, it does not get banished and is sent to the Graveyard.

Explanation: If there is a Number 39: Utopia that can activate it’s effect when a monster declares an attack on your field and a set Dimensional Prison that can be activated when a monster declares an attack, first you must choose if you will activate the effect of Number 39: Utopia, after which the opponent may choose to chain Dimensional Prison to it’s effect.
If you did not activate the effect of Number 39: Utopia when attacking  with Number 39: Utopia and the opponent activated Dimensional Prison, you cannot choose to activate Number 39: Utopia. 

  1. Sangan is tributed for an Advance Summon of Mobius the Frost Monarch. Which of the following activations are accurate?

A) Sangan effect and Mobius the Frost Monarch effect can be placed on the chain in any order you like.
B) You can choose if you wish to activate Mobius the Frost Monarch effect, after which you can chain and activate Sangan effect.
C) As Sangan effect must be activated, Mobius the Frost Monarch effect cannot be activated.
D) Sangan effect must be activated, then you can choose if you wish to activate Mobius the Frost Monarch effect on chain.
E) Only either Sangan or Mobius the Frost Monarch effect can be activated.

Explanation: Since Sangan is a Trigger effect that must be activated and Mobius the Frost Monarch is a Trigger effect that can be optionally activated, Sangan effect must always be activated first as chain 1, then you choose if you wish to activate Mobius the Frost Monarch effect as chain 2. 

Source: OCG Database

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