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[CIBR-TCG] Hallohallo

The first TCG World Premier for Circuit Break has been announced and it kinda feels like we are back in ARC-V. Are you ready for another generic normal pendulum monster?

[CIBR] Pack Spoilers

Japan has released a guide book for the Circuit Break booster pack and it comes with 3 booster packs, so guess what? Card spoilers are in with new support for Bamboo Sword, Ojamas and more!!!

[CIBR] Mastar Boy

The next generic attribute link monster has just been announced, and it’s time to give some support for the Water decks!! Though I guess they will let all of these link monsters have a similar effect?

[CIBR] Metaverse

Don’t have enough Field Spell searchers now that Terraforming got semi-limited? Here’s a replacement straight from the Metaverse!