Taipei Game Show 2020 – Store Event

The Taipei Game Show which was originally set for June 2020 may have been cancelled but store events will be held in place of the side event!

Typically the Taipei Game Show is held in the middle of the year in Taipei, Taiwan with a side event held where participants will receive a side event duel field (playmat). The Taipei Game Show is cancelled for this year but the side event will now be held in the card stores instead over the month of June!

Details are as follows.

Participants: 16 players or more
Tournament Fee: 250 NTD
Door Gift: 4 booster packs
Champion Prize: Taipei Game Show 2020 Duel Field x 1 + Priority participation in the Taipei Game Show 2021 Side Event
Finalist Prize: Taipei Game Show 2020 Duel Field x 1

For more details, check out the Yu-Gi-Oh! Asia Official Facebook Page

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