Taiwan Duelist Carnival

If you like to participate in Battle Royale style events where you can duel to get points and trade them in for goodies, you might want to plan a trip to Taiwan soon!

Come August 24, Taiwan will be running a Duelist Carnival event where participants will be able to duel in a free for all forma to trade for booster packs, sleeves and even a playmat featuring Hakai Homily and a deck box of Linkuriboh! Details are as follows.

Event: Taiwan Duelist Carnival
Date: August 24, 2019
Venue: Taipei Innovation City Convention Center, Level 2
Registration Time: 9.00am ~ 2.00pm
Last entry: 5.00pm

Rules: Purchase specific Yu-Gi-Oh! products of at least 300 TWD to enter
Format: No side deck, 1 game match. Multiple decks are allowed
Rules: Participants are paired up randomly. Wining side receive 3 points, losing side receives 1 point

Participants can trade for the following items with their points, while stock last
5 points – 1 booster pack
10 points – 1 pack of sleeves
20 points – 1 event exclusive deck box
30 points – 15 booster packs
40 points – 1 event exclusive playmat

Source from 遊戲王官方社團

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