Taiwan Yu-Gi-Oh! Fanfans Cafe Menu and Freebies

Blue-Eyes! Attack with White Ice-cream!!!

The previously announced Yu-Gi-Oh! themed Fanfans cafe in Taiwan is finally starting tomorrow and the menu, freebies and lots more have been announced!

Here are the things you can expect at the cafe:
– Blue-Eyes White Dragon stylised ice-cream!
– Reservations are required to enter the cafe. Upon showing up at the cafe, you will receive a “Yu-Gi-Oh! badge – Millennium puzzle”
– 6 unique design coasters and a Duel Disk themed table mat
– Show the Duel Links app on your phone to receive a Duel Links themed headband which will also include a QR code for a in-game pack with 2 cards
– Exhibition area featuring “Dark Magician”, “Yugi, Dark Magician, Kaiba, Blue-Eyes White Dragon”, “Card display area”, “Duel Links display area” to take photos with!

Aside from the previous side event tournament, visitors can also order food from a Yu-Gi-Oh! themed menu including the following.

Muto Yugi: Beef brisket rice
Seto Kaiba: Cream cheese pasta
Jounouchi Katsuya: Curry chicken udon
Slifer the Sky Dragon: Margherita buffalo pizza
Obelisk the Tormentor: Sausage cheddar cheese pizza
The Winged Dragon of Ra: Focaccia chicken Pizza

Dark Magician: Starlight coconut grove
Dark Magician Girl: Pink lady
Blue-Eyes White Dragon: Azure white cloud
Red-Eyes Black Dragon: Inferno fire fresh milk

Kuriboh: Chocolate sundae
Blue-Eyes White Dragon: Vanilla milk / Bitter chocolate stylised ice-cream

Aside from the food items, there are additional items that are available from the cafe!

  • Dark Magician & Blue-Eyes White Dragon themed tumblers for takeaways
  • Duel disk design table mat
  • Special coasters (6 designs, 1 design given at random with each drink)

Here’s a closer look at the Blue-Eyes White Dragon stylised ice-cream! The Duel Disk design table mat that you can bring back after your meal

Coasters that you can obtain from buying a drink!

For more information, check out their website linked here!

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