[VJMP] Dream Promo Card Research Club!!

Always look forward to the VJump promo card every month and wish they would release a promo card for your favourite theme? Well now you can get to vote for the promo card of your choice!

VJump is taking a poll where it’s readers can now vote for the theme of it’s upcoming VJump promo cards under the “Dream Promo Card Research Club” campaign! 10 themes (Shown with their respective ace monsters) are included in the poll, where the next promo card will be decided based on the results of the poll! Voting period will last up till August 20, 2018.

To vote, click on the picture above or link here and select the theme you wish to vote for, then clicking on the button below. Here are the themes with their Japanese names listed for your convenience~

Black Luster Soldier
Harpie Lady
Fire Fist
Magical Musket


After that you will be brought to this screen to confirm your vote. Click on “送信する” to confirm your vote and you are done!

Multiple voting seems to be allowed but there is a 6 hour cap per vote allowed. If you try to vote again, you get an error stating that you have sent multiple submissions and the time (In Japan) which your next vote will be accepted.  So go vote for your favourite theme now and don’t be afraid to keep on voting for your favourites!

Source from YU-GI-OH.jp

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