[VJMP] Hope Magician

You’re not reading the article’s title wrong! The next VJump promo has been announced, and it’s a combination of Yuma’s and Yuya’s ace monsters with Hope Magician!!

The next VJump promo for June’s issue (So released in April) will be Hope Magician! The card effects have not been revealed yet and will be shown at a later time. Provided below are the teaser text for the card.

Hope Magician
LIGHT / Rank 4 / Xyz Pendulum

Translation Note:
The name Utopia refers to the combination of the 3 Japanese characters 希望皇. However this card only has 2 characters 希望. Hence it is not a Utopia, and is just Hope Magician, referencing Ray of Hope which only has the same 希望 in it’s name.

“Use the new Magician to Enterme Duel (Entertainment Duel)!!”

“Kattobingu (Hi-Five the Sky) with the power of Hope!!”

Combine the power of 2 protagonists to LIGHT UP your duel!!

“The next issue of VJump will contain a Xyz / Pendulum monster!!”

“Aside from the obvious Xyz deck, this card can only strengthen a deck focused on Pendulum summoning. Use this rank 4 for all types of decks.”

“This time, its our turn to debut!!”

Source from Maxut

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