[VJMP] More information on the 20th Anniversary Legendary Dragons

Clearer pictures on the 20th Anniversary Legendary Dragons is out with more information on them, specifically their names!

Hyougokuryuu Trishula (Trishula, the Ice Prison Dragon)
Level 9 WATER Fusion

Shiten Ryuu Judgment (Judgment, the Splendid Celestial Dragon)
Level 8 LIGHT Synchro

Gekimetsu Ryuu Dark Armed (Dark Armed, the Savage Onslaught Dragon)
Rank 7 DARK Xyz

Shuuen Ryuu Chaos Emperor (Chaos Emperor, the Doomsday/Armageddon Dragon)
Level 8 DARK Pendulum Effect

“Revival of the Legendary Dragons!!
The 5 legendary dragons have their own various summoning methods to call upon them…… Their terrifying effects will be revealed in the next issue!!”

Source from Maxut

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