[VJMP Spoilers] Decode Talker & Link Summon revealed!

After the long wait, VJump is finally in, and we finally have info on the new gameplay mechanism! It’s time for Link Summon!

Decode Talker
Dark Cyverse-Type Link / Effect Monster
Link 3 ATK2300
Links: Up, Bottom Left, Bottom Right
2 or more effect monsters
(1) This card gains 500 ATK for each monster Linked to it.
(2) When an opponent’s card effect that targets a card you control is activated: You can Tribute 1 of your monsters Linked to this card; negate that activation, and if you do, destroy it.

Look at those distinctive Link Markers! Use these Markers to develop brand new strategies!
It goes into your Extra Deck!

There are 2 ways of Link Summoning!!
– Send Materials to the Grave Equal to the Link Number!
– You can Link Summon something from your Extra Deck by sending the same number of monsters that meet the material requirements written in the card’s effect box, whose total numbers equal to the LINK number, from the field to the Graveyard
– Decrease Materials by Using Link Monsters
– Link Monsters are treated as the same number of materials as its LINK Number, however to use them you must match the requirements written on the card!

You can either
-Use 3 Effect Monsters
-Use a [Link 2] Effect monster and 1 Effect Monster

Pay Attention to the Direction of the Link Markers!
– The Zones pointed to by each Link Marker and the cards in them will be affected by the Link Monster, and this will create new strategies!

They have no defense…!!!
Link monsters have no defense points and they have the special characteristics of being unable to change their battle positions or turning to defense position by effects.

Translated by The Organization
Source from でこど

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