[VJMP] Subscription Promos 2nd half 2017

Information on the next VJump subscription promos are out! Subscribe for 1 year of VJump to get your hand on these Arc-V Manga cards!

The 2 announced cards are Performapal Card Guardna and Edge Imp Cotton Eater and they will be delivered together with the April issue (issue June 2017) of VJump if you subscribe.

These are their manga effects for reference.

Performapal Card Gardna
? / ? Pendulum Effect Monster
Lv 3 1000/1000
Monster Effect: This card gains the DEF of all other “Performapal Card Gardna” on the field.
Pendulum Effect: ?

Edge Imp Cotton Eater
?/? Pendulum Effect Monster
Lv7 2400/?
Monster Effect: When this card is Special Summoned, inflict 1000 damage to your opponent for each “Frightfur” monster in your Graveyard.
Pendulum Effect: ?

Source from Maxut

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