[VJMP] Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS update

A new visual is up for the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime, revealing more of Yusaku’s ace monster Firewall Dragon and a better look at the 2 new characters!

Only the new info is translated, the remainder info have been mentioned in the previous info about the anime.

The Duelists that will duel with Yusaku have been confirmed!

Go Onizuka is further described as the well-built Charisma Duelist who uses a powerful deck.

Aoi Zaizen is Yusaku’s classmate who attends the same school as Yusaku. She may look quiet at first sight, but she is a Charisma Duelist that is very active in the VR Space.

These 2 characters will use Link monsters that debut in Code of the Duelist!

The winds of Data blow in “Link Vrains” where the Charisma Duelists will wait with their Speedy Duels.

Unfolding in Cyber space – VRD (VR Duel)

Source from イグナイトの亡霊


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