VJump Dream Promotional Card Concept Vote

If you are a fan of Speedroids, you will want to get involved in this. Speedroids are getting a promotional card which you can vote for!

Based on a previous deck theme voting contest in Japan, Speedroids won the top place for most popular deck. This led to Speedroids getting confirmed to get a promotional card soon, and you get to vote the kind of effect it gets!

Concept 1: Low level monster that increases deck consistency
E.g. Speedroid Terrortop

Concept 2: Monster that grants effects when used as a synchro material
Speedroid OMK Gum

Concept 3: Low level synchro monster for the mid-game
E.g. Hi-Speedroid Chanbara

Concept 4: High level synchro monster which can decide the result of a duel
E.g. Hi-Speedroid Kendama

To vote, head over to this site and choose the concept you want by referring to the Japanese text shown on the concept pictures above. Click on the which corresponds to the vote you want, click on the button below.

Then confirm your vote of choice, and click on the right button “送信する“ to confirm your vote!

Source from YU-GI-OH.jp

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