VJump Dream Promotional Card Concept Voting Results

If you are a Speedroid fan, you will definitely remember the VJump Dream Promotional Card Concept Voting contest that took place a couple of months ago where you could vote for the type of promotional card that you can get. Well the results are out, and it looks like we are due to get a new boss monster!

The voting results have shown that players want a new high level synchro monster which has the abilities to decide the results of a duel!
The votes in order are as follows:

  1. High level synchro monster which can decide the result of a duel – 3905 votes
    2. Low level monster that increases deck consistency – 2760 votes
    3. Monster that grants effects when used as a synchro material – 286 votes
    4. Low level synchro monster for the mid-game – 153 votes

This new high level Speedroid synchro monster will be released in the March issue of VJump, which goes on sale on January 21, 2019!

Source from Maxut

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