[VRAINS] More characters and plot for episode 1 revealed

More news just showed up for VRAINS, with more characters and their voice actors along with the plot for the first episode revealed!

New confirmed characters / Voice Actors:

Character Voice Actor Past works
Fujiki Yusaku / Playmaker
Ishige Shouya
Lion King Live Musical: Simba
Mysterious Lifeform
Sakurai Takahiro
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children: Cloud Strike
Code Geass: Suzaku Kururugi
Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Rohan Kishibe
Kusanagi Shoichi
Kimura Subaru
木村 昴
Doraemon: Takeshi Goda
Assassination Classroom: Terasaka Ryoma
Shima Naoki
(島 直樹)
Sawashiro Chiharu
Love Kome We Love Rice: Sasanishiki
Onizuka Go / Go Onizkua
(鬼塚 豪/Go鬼塚)
Hamano Daiki
Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V: Minor characters
Zaizen Aoi / Blue Angel
(財前 葵/ブルーエンジェル)
Nakashima Yuki
Usakame: Tanaka Kinako
Zaizen Akira
(財前 晃)
Yamamoto Shoma
Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal: V
Kamen Rider Kiva the Movie: Takata Shiramine
Garo and the Wailing Dragon: Tubas Yamagatana
Bessho Ema
Kamakura Yuna
Multiple supporting roles
Takeuchi Shunsuke
The Idolmaster: Producer
Duel masters VSRF: Dragon Ryu
Fate/Apochyra: Black Archer

More information on The Knights of Hanoi that was previously left out from the VJump is also up!

Character design for one of The Knights of Hanoi who uses Cracking Dragon from Code of the Duelist!

The leader of The Knights of Hanoi is known as Revolver!

Revolver’s ace card is Topologic Bomber Dragon from Code of the Duelist!

Group photo of cast for episode 1

Episode 1: My name is Playmaker

The story takes place in “Den City” which has the latest network. There, “Sol Technology” manages the VR space “LINK VRAINS” where people duel all day. The protagonist Fujiki Yusaku, is a cool high school student who has excellent observation skills. To defeat “The Knights of Hanoi” that plots to destroy “LINK VRAINS”, he transforms into his avatar “Playmaker” and tries to duel, which he is unfamiliar with.

At the same time, the hacker with the same aim as Yusaku, Kusanagi Shouichi, found out that “Sol Technology” is desperately searching for a Mysterious Life Form. Yusaku finds out that “The Knights of Hanoi” are searching for the same Mysterious Life Form and is laying a trap on the network to capture it.
(Airs on May 10th, 2017)

Source from natalie, animate Times, Maxut

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