White Aura Biphamet Deck Recipe

Here’s a different idea to use your fairy cards from the latest Structure Deck R: Surge of Divine Light, with a synchro focused deck for summoning White Aura Biphamet!

Deck Concept:
This deck aims to synchro summon White Aura Biphamet by utilising the Fairy monsters included in the Structure Deck R: Surge of Divine Light.

Using your Herald monsters and Blaze Accelerator Reload, you will get to restrict your opponent’s plays while filling up your graveyard with monsters.

Then by using effects of cards like Guiding Light, you can synchro summon Celestial Double Star Shaman to revive 4 level 2 monsters such as Volcanic Scattershot. After that, Celestial Double Star Shaman and 2 of the level 2 monsters can synchro summon Coral Dragon, which can use the remainder 2 level 2 monsters to synchro summon White Aura Biphamet.

Throughout this combo, you can make use of the effects of Volcanic Scattershot and Coral Dragon which are sent to the graveyard.

White Aura Biphamet’s effect special summons a Divine Dragon Token which has the same attack as itself, which will be able to directly attack your opponent with the use of Cross Attack while also increasing it’s attack massively with United We Stand.


Card Name Card Set Amount
Monster Cards 26
Eva SR05 3
D.D. Sprite SR05 3
Hanewata SR05 2
Guiding Light SR05 3
Motivating Captain COTD 1
Herald of Orange Light SR05 3
Herald of Green Light SR05 3
Herald of Purple Light  SR05 3
Volcanic Scattershot DE01 3
Maxx “C” DBSW 2
Spell Cards 12
Foolish Burial Goods RATE 3
Foolish Burial SR02 1
Cross Attack PHSW 1
Galaxy Cyclone SR03 1
One for One SD30 1
Harpie’s Feather Duster 20AP (1) 1
Monster Reborn ST17 1
Celestial Transformation SR05 1
United We Stand ST17 2
Trap Cards 6
Blaze Accelerator Reload SECE 2
Extra Deck 15
White Aura Biphamet YA04 2
Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree LVAL 1
Flower Cardian Lightflare RATE 1
Flower Cardian Lightshower CPF1 1
Coral Dragon TDIL 3
Celestial Double Star Shaman PP19 3
Decode Talker ST17 1
Code Talker 17CC 1
Linkuriboh SJMP 2


Source from OCG Official Twitter

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