World Championship 2019 Limit Regulation

Getting ready to take part in the World Championship 2019 Celebration Event, or just interested to see what list will the World Championship representatives be using? The full list is here!

The full Limit Regulation list for the World Championship 2019 and it’s related Celebration event is linked here.

Key points to note:
1. All OCG products released up till March 24, 2019 (Including Starter Deck 2019. However, Premium Pack 2019 is not allowed, hence cards like Salamangreat Almiraj and Gimmick Puppet Chimera Doll is not legal.)
2. All OCG products released after March 24, 2019, including Rising Rampage will not be allowed.
3. However cards released in Collection Pack: Duelist of Revolution (TCG: Battles of Legend: Hero’s Revenge, with the exception of the Premium Pack 2019 cards) will be allowed.
4. The World Championship 2019 list combines both the OCG Limit Regulation and the previous TCG Forbidden and Limited Card Lists, taking the lowest limit from either list.
* The previous TCG list is used, which means The Phantom Knights of Rusty Bardiche and Eclipse Wyvern is still legal, while Tempest, Dragon Ruler of Storms is still forbidden.

Source from OCG Official Website

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