[World Premiere Pack 2023] Release date confirmed!

It’s the yearly TCG import Pack

So basically Ghoti, Gold Pride and likely Gate Guardian.

World Premiere Pack 2023 is set to go on sale in OCG territories on September 23rd, 2023, and features a collection of cards released in products overseas from over the last year. This pack contains overseas world premiere cards from “Power of the Elements” to “Cybernetic Access”, as well as new cards from other overseas exclusive products.

And, it contains a reissue of a piece of “Exodia” in Ultra Rare foiling meant to commemorate the 25th anniversary, following the pieces reprinted in “Duelist of Explosion” and “Animation Chronicle 2023”!

World Premiere Pack 2023
Release Date: September 23rd, 2023
Maker: Konami
176 Yen for each pack of 5 cards
15 packs per box


Source: Yu-Gi-Oh! JP

Translated by: YGOrganization

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