[YGO6] Weekly Jump Announcement

Weekly Jump just announced the new series in the magazine, though it seems there’s no updates from what was revealed during last month’s Jump Festa.

The new anime series (Currently only mentioned as series 6) will air in Spring 2017.

Yusaku will be wearing a smart formal school uniform and is in high school.

Based on the protagonists from the previous anime, it wonders what monsters will Yusaku summon.

Fuji Yusaku is going to be the protagonist for series 6. Yusaku has more secrets that will be revealed in future Weekly Jump and V Jump issues.

The “Duel Image” shows the concept of duels in the new series. With tall buildings in the background, duelists will ride on boards to travel past them and Monsters will travel with the duelists in high speed duels.

The duels will take place in “Digital Space”

The duels will have a cyber feel to them as the duels take place in the digital space.

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