[YIC] Yu-Gi-Oh! Indonesia Championship (25/11 to 26/11)

There will be a Yu-Gi-Oh! Indonesia Championship (YIC) held on the 25th to 26th of November, 2017.  Aside from the main tournament, there will be other public events. More details will be provided in this post. This information is posted on request by the Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG community from Indonesia and is not an Officially Sanctioned tournament.

What is the Yu-Gi-Oh! Indonesia Championship?

Yu-Gi-Oh! Indonesia Championship (YIC) is an Annual Unofficial event held by Yu-Gi-Oh! OCG community in Indonesia since 2015. In this event, the duelist (Yu-Gi-Oh! player) from all the place in Indonesia can come to meet and compete for fame and glory. At the end of the event, the title of the strongest duelist in Indonesia will be awarded.

Aside from the main tournament, there are other public events, such as YGO coaching clinic and mini games at Committee booth for newcomer! and chances to win limited edition accessories. There will be also team duel 3 vs 3 on day 2 for those who wants to experience different kind of duel.

Event Details

Date: 25 / 26 November 2017 (Saturday – Sunday)

LOTTE Mart Bekasi Junction

Bekasi Timur, Jawa Barat 1711


Format for Yu-Gi-Oh! Indonesia Championship – Bekasi 2017

YIC will be Advanced Constructed format events, using the latest Forbidden & Limited Cards List, where only OCG Japanese, Asia-English or Traditional-Chinese cards can be used in the tournament.

YIC 2017 Main Event

YIC 2017 will consist of several Swiss-style rounds, followed by a top cut playoffs, as follows:

Up to 64 Duelists:
6 rounds of Swiss on Saturday, followed by Top 16 Single-Elimination on Sunday
Above 64 Duelists:
7 rounds of Swiss on Saturday, followed by Top 16 Single-Elimination on Sunday

Main Event Entry Fee: IDR 150K
Door Gift: 4 Booster packs + Lotteria discount voucher + 1 lottery ticket

Main Event Prizes

Champion YIC 2017 Champion Trophy

YIC 2017 Top4 Exclusive Playmat
1 boxes of 1003: Extreme Force (OCG)

YGO travel accommodation support IDR 1000K.

2nd YIC 2017 Finalist Trophy

YIC 2017 Top4 Exclusive Playmat
1 boxes of 1003: Extreme Force (OCG)

3rd & 4th YIC 2017 Top4 Exclusive Playmat
Half Boxes of 1003: Extreme Force (OCG)
5th – 8th 10 Booster of 1003: Extreme Force (OCG)
9th – 16th 5 Booster of 1003: Extreme Force (OCG)


YIC 2017 top 4 Exclusive Playmat

Side Event: YIC 2017 3 vs 3 Team Duel

Entry Fee per team: 150k IDR
Door Gift per team: 6 Booster Packs + 3 Lotteria discount voucher + 3 lottery ticket

Limited to maximum 16 teams with knock out system.

3 vs 3 Team Duel Prizes

Champion 3 YIC 2017 side event Exclusive Playmat
Runner-Up 6 Booster of 1003: Extreme Force (OCG)


YIC side event team duel 3 vs 3 playmat


Pre-registrants will be able to enter at a discounted registration fee of 125k IDR for the YIC 2017 Main Event. Once you are registered, you are officially entered into the tournament and will not need to register again on Saturday, saving you time from queuing up and keeping you fresh for the tournament. You will also get 3 lottery ticket instead of one, increasing your chance to win the lottery exclusive playmat. Pre-registration can be paid by sending a massage to Dimas Adiputra at https://www.facebook.com/dimas.adiputra.9?sw_fnr_id=1515844656&fnr_t=0. Pre-registration are limited to 50 people or until 31 October 2017.

YIC exclusive playmat from lottery: limited 3 pieces only.

Preparing for The Event

Deck list collection will be done during the player meetings. Deck lists must be completed with all contents of your deck (Including Main, Side and Extra deck). You can get a Deck List form by downloading it from here.

Other tournament equipment should be brought by the player himself such as dice, counter, calculator, paper, pen, and so on

All cards in your deck (including Main, Side and Extra deck) must use card sleeves. Double layer deck sleeves such as inner sleeve + YGO sleeve or YGO sleeve + outer sleeve are allowed. Players must use the same color protector and printer for their deck and side deck, and must use a different color protector for their extra deck.
(Note: Duelists are only allowed to use Yu-Gi-Oh! Official card sleeves or solid color card sleeves without any designs)


Event Name Entry Fee Players Format Time Participation Prize Prizing
YIC 2017 (Main Event) Pre-Registration:
125k IDR(until October 31st, 2017)Registration:
150k IDR (Saturday)
Unlimited Advanced Constructed

Day 1:
6 Rounds of Swiss
(7 Rounds if more then 64)

Day 2:
Cut to top 16 Single Elimination

Lotte Mart
09:00 – 09:45Start Time:
See above See above
3 vs 3 Team Duel Registration:
150k IDR
16 teams Knock-out system Registration:
Lotte Mart
10:00 – 10:45Start Time:
See above See above


If you guys manage to see the poster around for YIC, it will be looking somewhat like this.

Till then, fair play fair duel, and always remember to have fun!

Source: Yu-Gi-Oh! Indonesia Championship Facebook Page
Info Provider: Dimas Adiputra

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