YOT Hong Kong 2017: Feature Matches

The feature matches for the recently completed YOT Hong Kong 2017 are now ready for viewing! 

You can also access the deck lists for the event from the following links.
YOT Hong Kong 2017: Top 8 Decklists
YOT Hong Kong 2017 Asia Premier: Top 4 Decklists

YOTHK 2017 – Main Event Top 4 Feature Match
Left: Yang Zi Kim (True Draco Trickstar)
Right: Zhang Jialiang (True King Dinosaur)

YOTHK 2017 – Main Event Finals Feature Match
Left: Zhang Jialiang (True King Dinosaur)
Right: Ke Liuqiang (True King Yang Zing Dinosaur)

YOTHK 2017 – Asia Premier Finals Feature Match
Left: Mok Hou Teng (True King Yang Zing Dinosaur)
Right: Chau Wing Ho (True King Yang Zing Dinosaur)

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