YOT Hong Kong 2018: Feature Match Swiss Round 7

This is the second-last round of Swiss and we have two players currently at 6-0 at Table 2.

On the left is Luo Hao Ming from China playing Trickstar, and on the right is Lam Wai Hong from Hong Kong playing Greener Infernoid.

Duel 1

Hao Ming went first and opened with Trickstar Candina for Trickstar Light Stage which then got Trickstar Lycoris. Two Spell/Trap were set before passing the turn.

Wai Hong starts with Pot of Indulgence to draw 2 cards. Infernoid Patrulea followed and took out Solemn Warning, but a second Warning was able to negate Monster Gate. Wai Hong set 3 cards and pass the turn.

Hao Ming looped back Candina with Lycoris but when Candina was Normal Summoned, its effect was met with a Psy-Framegear Gamma.

That Grass Looks Greener gave Wai Hong the resources to counterattack by Special Summoning Infernoids from his graveyard.

Ghost Ogre during the End of the Battle Phase forced Seitsemas to tribute itself.

Hao Ming set Steam the Cloak which was taken out by Devyaty. Steam’s effect was going to be negated by Devyaty but a Ghost Belle stopped it.

Wai Hong brought back both Seitsemas and Devyaty before ending the turn.

Steam tried to revived itself by tributing the token but was banished by Seisemas.

Hao Ming drew Light Stage and that fetched him Candina, but it was negated by Infinite Impermanence.

Devyaty took out Candina, and Scapegoat bought Hao Ming another turn.

The Sheep Tokens and a Normal Summon brought out Borrelsword Dragon for Hao Ming and that finally took out Devyaty.

However, that allowed Wai Hong to play Void Imagination and to Fusion Summon Infernoid Tierra using materials from the deck.

A quick Link Summon frees up the board for Wai Hong to special summon more Infernoids from the graveyard to attack for the game.

Luo Hao Ming [Trickstar] 0 -1 Lam Wai Hong [Greener Infernoid]


Duel 2

Hao Ming had Wai Hong go first and he had a slow opening with Card Destruction and then One for One for Decatron.

Hao Ming went all out on his turn using double Lycoris for Cherubini, Black Angel of the Burning Abyss to get 2 Tokens by sending Dandylion.

That allowed him to flood his board fast through Knightmare Goblin to Normal Summon Candina again.

The full combo was only able to bring Wai Hong down to 700 LP, which went down to 300 LP during his draw phase due to Lycoris.

Wai Hong came back into the game by activating Void Imagination again and that turned the tables.

Hao Ming drew and concede the game as he could not overcome the overwhelming advantage.

Luo Hao Ming [Trickstar] 0 -2 Lam Wai Hong [Greener Infernoid]


Hao Ming overextended in Game 2 and that allowed Wai Hong to take advantage of Void Imagination to mount a massive comeback.

This article was originally published on Yu-Gi-Oh! Events and has been republished with permission.

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