YOT Singapore 2017 Asia Premier: Feature Match Final

For the final event of our Singapore YOT 2017 Asia Premier, we have local player Jeff Soh vs Suebyoubol, Weerapun from Thailand.

It is a Mirror Match with both players piloting the popular Invoked Spellbook True Draco deck.

Duel 1

Weerapun started well, search for Spellbook Magician of Prophecy using Spellbook of Secrets, which was then Normal Summoned to fetch Spellbook of Knowledge. Everything went off successfully without a hitch; Jeff had no response in the form of “Hand Traps”.
Weerapun set two cards to end his turn.


Jeff, on the other hand, was facing the other end of the spectrum in terms of luck. He activated Pot of Desires when his Main Phase 1 came, but Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring stopped his draws. Jeff set a card and ended his turn.
During his End Phase, Weerapun dropped Majesty Maiden, the True Dracocaster and Master Peace, the True Dracoslaying King via Waterfall of Dragon Souls for a two-card draw!

Weerapunis is indeed leading in terms of card advantage!


When his turn arrived, Weerapun fetched Dragonic Diagram with Terraforming. Dragonic Diagram was activated and used to destroy a set True Draco Heritage, to search for another copy of True Draco Heritage.

When True Draco Heritage threatened to destroy Jeff’s set card, Jeff chained with his own copy of Waterfall of Dragon Souls. He however, opted to search. Ignis Heat, the True Dracowarrior was added to Jeff’s hand.

Weerapun continued with his draws – using True Draco Heritage for a one-card draw. True Draco Heritage was then used for an additional Normal Summon to play Ignis Heat . Ignis Heat went for a direct attack. Weerapun sets another card before ending his turn.

(Jeff 5300- Weerapun 8000)

Jeff sets a card and activates Disciples of the True Dracophoenix, prompting a response from Weerapun, who triggered Ignis heat’s effect to get his own copy of Disciples of True Dracophoenix added to his hand.

Jeff carried on, tributing away the card he just set – True Draco’s Apocalypse – to bring out his own Ignis Heat. However, it died to a Solemn Warning. Apocalypse was sent to the field, but to many’s surprise, Jeff did not activate its effect. (He would later come to realise his misplay, admitting that it slipped his mind)

(Jeff 5300- Weerapun 6000)

Jeff compensates for his lost resources with True Draco Heritage, getting a single draw off True Draco’s Apocalypse entering the grave. (Ignis Heat never made it to the field and was hence not counted.)

He managed to draw into Terraforming, allowing him access to Dragonic Diagram. Using Diagram, he destroyed True Draco Heritage to search Dinomight Knuckle, the true Dracofighter. True Draco Heritage took out Weerapun’s True Draco’s Apocalypse.

Dracophoenix was then used to recycle, as Jeff has chalked up 3 cards in grave. After the draw, Jeff pushed out Dinomight Knuckle, the true Dracofighter, using Dracophoenix for an additional Tribute Summon, tributing away Dracophoenix. Dracophoenix was then used to destroy Weerapun’s Dragonic Diagram.
Jeff is evening the odds, bringing himself forward in this resource-farming mirror match!

Weerapun started the next turn with the card he just draw into – Harpie’s Feather Duster! A frown on Jeff’s shows itself. Understandably, Jeff was about to be taken out in the race for resources, after all he had done to inch himself forward. in the Jeff opted to not use Dinomight Knuckle’s effect.

Jeff lost his set True Draco Apocalypse and Dragonic Diagram, which targeted Ignis Heat for destruction. Ignis Heat from Weerapun’s side responded with its own effect and Jeff’s Dinomight Knuckle followed suit.
Both players went for their search, Jeff got True King’s Return activated while Weerapun added True Draco Heritage to his hand.


Weerapun then activated Dracophoenix to return Majesty Maiden, Apocalypse and True Draco Heritage to his deck and drew a card, surprisingly leaving Master Peace in the graveyard. Aleister the Invoker came into the picture next. Weerapun Normal Sumonned it and managed to get Invocation to his hand. It was immediately used, as Weerapun banished Aleister from the field and Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring from the graveayrd to summon Invoked Purgatorio.

Invoked Purgatorio may not be able to perform an onslaught, but in terms of ATK, it can be bigger than Dinomight Knuckly.

Jeff triggered True King’s Return to tribute summon out Ignis Heat. The sent-to-grave True King’s Return destroyed Invoked Purgatorio before the Fusion Monster could attack.

True Draco Heritage was activated from hand by Weerapun to draw two cards. However, Jeff was not about to lose in the race for resources. Jeff adds his own True Draco Heritage with the effect of the newly-summoned out Ignis Heat.


Weerapun set one card. He now has True Draco Heritage, Disciples of the True Dracophoenix and the set card. He uses an additional Normal Summon from Heritage to tribute summon Dinomight Knuckle. True King’s Return was the set card and it was sent to the graveyard. Destroying Jeff’s Dinomight with True King’s Return ,Weerapun then took Ignis Heat out by battle for a 100LP damage. Weerapun has managed to clear both of Jeff’s monster!

(Jeff 5200- Weerapun 8000)

Jeff’s turn came but all he did was set a card in the backrow and ended his turn.

Weerapun continued to recycle his resources with the use of Disciples of the True Dracophoenix. The recycled Invoked engine comes into play. Sensing a fusion summon incoming, with no way to stop it, Jeff conceded and both players went into the next round.


The game of attrition ended in Weerapun’s favour. Despite successfully catching up, it was already too late for Jeff to even out the odds.


Duel 2

Jeff allowed Weerapun to go first. At the sight of his opening hand, Jeff looked up and signed heavily, shaking his head.

Weerapun summoned Aleister the Invoker but the search was negated by Ash Blossom. He compensated for it with Spellbook of Knowldge before ending his turn with a set card.

Jeff set two cards but they were taken out by Heavy Dust Storm. Jeff lost his Spellbook of Knowledge and True King’s Return.

Weerapu’s turn came but he had no plays either. He set a monster and a backrow.


Jeff’s Invoked engine finally made an appearance! Jeff uses Magical Meltdown to fetch Alester the Invoker, but when it was summoned Weerapun hestitated, citing a possibilitity that he had something to respond to. It was Solemn Judgment!

An expensive cost of 4000 to prevent the search.

(Jeff 8000- Weerapun 4000)

Unfortunately, Jeff already has a copy of Invocation in his hand. It created Invoked Purgatorio with Jeff’s Ash Blossom in graveyard. Jeff recycled his Invoked engine before attacking with his fusion monster, piercing the set Ash Blossom for 700 damage.

(Jeff 8000- Weerapun 3300)

Weerapunused used True Draco Heritage to bring out Dinomight Knuckle. True Draco Heritage destroyed Magical Meltdown. Dinomight Knuckle then went in for an attack for Invoked Puguratoria. However, it slipped his mind that Jeff has Aleister in the hand. During the Damage Step, Invoked Purgatorio gained a 1000ATK boost and won Dinomight Knuckle. Realising his misplay, Weerapun surrendered the duel and preparation for the third duel started.


It was a long day and players have went through almost 8 hours of playing. The fatigue is starting to catch up to players. A misplay from Weerapun cost him his second duel. Jeff now has the chance to catch up as the score evens up to 1-1



Duel 3

Jeff was allowed the first turn for the third duel.


He manage to open with Terraforming and chose to go with Dragonic Diagram. Jeff cycled around copies of Heritage, by destroying one to search another. Heritage got him one draw and he additional summoned Dinomight Knuckle.

Batel came into the equation and got Jeff two draws. His Spellbook engine is finally doing its job! Jeff furthered his advantage by Pot of Desires. At the look at his banished pile, Jeff’s depressed look showed again. Luck doesn’t seem to be on his side for these games. Finally, he ended his turn with no set cards.

Weerapun started with Terraforming too but chose to go with Magical Meltdown instead. Aleister the Invoker was searched and summon. Jeff responded with Dinomight’s effect to Aleister’s search and Weerapun negated it with Ash Blossom.

Weerapunwent with Spellbook of Knowledge but Jeff had his own Ash Blossom to stop Weerapun’s play too. Nevertheless, Invocation resolved successfully. With only Ash Blossom in jeff’s grave, Weerapun went for Invoked Purgatorio again. He then recycled his Invoked engine by returning Invocation to the deck and Aleister, the hand. He set two cards before entering the Battle Phase.

He atttacked with Invoked Purgatorio but forgot the stat boost from Dragonic Diagram so he had to sacrifice Aleister the Invoker from his hand to keep Invoked Purgatorio alive. However, Dinomight Knuckle is protected from destruction by battle with Dragonic Diagram.

(Jeff 7100- Weerapun 8000)

Jeff went to search True Draco Heritage via Dragonic Diagram, sacrificing a Spellbook of Knowledge, which he used to summon another copy of Dinomight Knuckle while and cleared one of Weerapun’s backrow. It was Waterfall of Dragon Souls and Weerapun gets one draw from the discarded Dinomight Knuckle but the activation allows Jeff to activate True Draco Apocalypse from the deck, having chained his Dinomight Knuckle to Waterfall of Dragon Souls‘ effect.

Jeff exploited Weerapun’s misplay and use two monsters in Weerapun’s graveyard to fuse out Invoked Cocytus.

Jeff halved the opposing Invoked Purgatorio ATK by destroying the Dinomight Knuckle which had used its effect with Apocalypse. Invoked Cocytus and Dinomight Knuckle then attacked.

(Jeff 7100- Weerapun 4950)

During Jeff’s End Phase, Weerapun revealed his final st card – Waterfall of Dragon souls, which was then used to search Ignis Heat. Jeff activated his second Dinomight Knuckle to get True King Revival and revived the first Dinomight Knuckle with the activated Trap Card.

Weerapun brought out Ignis Heat, tributing True Draco Heritage to destroy True Draco Apocalypse. Apocalypse took out the summoned Ignis Heat. A dubious move that cost Weerapun 2 cards for 1. Jeff could have activated Dinomight Knuckle’s effect but he did not, presumbly because he no longer had any in his deck. Pot of Desires may to be blamed for this. Weerapun set a card to end his turn.

When Jeff attacked the following turn, Weerapun surprised the crowd with Rainbow Life. Jeff ceased to attack and Weerapun gains 2800ATK from Jeff’s first attack.

(Jeff 7100- Weerapun 7750)

Ultimately though, when Jeff activated Disciples of the True Dracophoenix during Main Phase 2, the difference in resources started to show. Weerapun then decided to concede the duel.



Jeff from Singapore is the YOT Singapore 2017 Asia Premier Champion!

This article was originally published on Yu-Gi-Oh! Events and has been republished with permission.

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