YOT Singapore 2017: Feature Match Final

We are finally here at the finals of YOT Singapore 2017. It has been a long two days and with us today are Hou Chong and Lai Cheuk Shing.

Hou Chong is no stranger to the local community. In YOT Singapore 2015, Hou Chong emerged as the Dark House of the tournament. He battled his way up the ladder, defeating plenty of veteran players, surprising the crowd. Eventually his Atlantean Mermail won him the title of the first YOT Singapore 2015 Champion. Today, he is here to defend his title!

Lai Cheuk Shing stands before him. Cheuk Shing is from Hong Kong and has plenty of achievements under his belt. His most recent achievements includes finishing 2nd in the YOT Hong Kong 2017 Asia Premier and representing Hong Kong for the Asia Championship 2017, eventually placed as 9 – 28th. He plans to add YOT Singapore 2017 Champion to his list of impressive achievements.



Duel 1

Hou Chong won the dice roll and takes the lead. The previous Champion is off to a good start.

Magical Meltdown is activated. Aleister the Invoker is fetched with no interuption. Normal Summoned, it got Invocation from the deck.

True Draco Heritage is activated for an additional Normal Summon but was met with Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit.

This, however, provided Hou Chong with a monster in his opponent’s graveyard to use as a Fusion Material. Invocation was activated and Invoked Mechaba was summoned. Hou Chong then recycled his Invoked engine by returning Invocation to the deck and Aleister the Invoker back to his hand.

Hou Chong set a card and ended his turn.

Photon Thrasher was special summoned to Cheuk Shing’s side when his turn came. Instant Fusion then came into play to summon EARTH Attribute Karbonala Warrior.

(Cheuk Shing 7000 – Hou Chong 8000)

Both monsters are used to Xyz Summon Evilswarm Exciton Knight. Summoning it that early onto the field, Cheuk Shing seemed determined to get rid of Invoked Mechaba.

Book of Moon was then used on Mechaba. Hou Chong did not respond with Invoked Mechaba, but instead flipped his set card – True Draco’s Apocalypse. Hou Chong summoned Dinomight Knight, the True Dracofighter by sending True Draco’s Apocolypse to the graveyard. Invoked Mechaba was then flipped face-down.

It would seem that Hou Chong has no Spell Cards in hand for the negation. True Draco’s Apocolypse targeted Evilwarm Exciton Knight for destruction, the latter responded by chaining its effect to nuke the field.

Cheuk Shing has not committed his Normal Summon for the turn. With the field cleared, he now summons Trickstar Candina which added the scary Trickstar Reincarnation to his hand. Trickstar Reincarnation was immediately used during Hou Chong’s following Draw Phase. With that Hou Chong lost his two True King’s Revival and one Aleister the Invoker.

Drawing a fresh hand, Hou Chong sets a card and ended his turn.

Trickstar Lightstage activated its effect to on Hou Chong’s face-down card the following turn, forcing Hou Chong to activate it. Waterfall of Dragon Souls discards Dinomight Knight, the True Dracofighter for a two-card draw. However, this trap activation causes Hou Chong to take a 200 + 200 damage due to Trickstar Candina.

(Cheuk Shing 7000 – Hou Chong 7600)

Trickstar Candina attacked directly for another 1800 + 200 damage.

(Cheuk Shing 7000 – Hou Chong 5600)

Cheuk Shing ended the turn with no set cards.

Terraforming got Hou Chong Magical Meltdown again, which in turn fetched his Aleister the Invoker. Aleister was summoned and it successful added Invocation to his hand.

Hou Chong’s next move reveal the Spellbook engine in his deck. Spellbook of Secrets added Spellbook of Knowledge. It was then promptly used on Aleister for the two-card draw. The two spells costed Hou Chong another 400 damage each, amounting to 1600 damage, but he seemed unfazed.

(Cheuk Shing 7000 – Hou Chong 4000)

Invocation was used to summon Invoked Mechaba, as Hou Chong lamented at the lack of Attribute variety Cheuk Shing has in his graveyard. Mechaba attacked Trickstar Candina and Hou Chong ended his turn.

(Cheuk Shing 6300 – Hou Chong 3600)

Cheuk Shing paused to think about his next step. Placing his hand to his forehead, he smiled nervously. Invoked Mechaba was indeed a pain in the neck. He fanned his graveyard cards open, with his hand lingering on Trickstar Reincarnation, considering whether to revive his Trickstar monster.

He eventually decided to use Dark Hole to get rid of Invoked Mechaba in one-for one-card exchange fashion. Trickstar Reincarnation was then used but Hou Chong surprised everyone with Skull Meister. Cheuk Shing was taken aback, surprised to see Skull Meister in Hou Chong’s Main Deck. With nothing much left to do, he ended his turn.

Hou Chong grinned and proceeded with his turn. Setting a face down, he questioned if there was a response from CS, who had one face-down card. When he got his answer for no, he summoned Aleister the Invoker again. Invocation was once again added, for the third time of the duel, successfully. Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring has yet to appear.

Revealing his flip card, Hou Chong activated Terraforming extended into Dragonic Diagram and it was used to destroy PSY-Frame Driver from Hou Chong’s hand, after it replaced Magical Meltdown as the Field Spell. True Draco Heritage is search and activated for an Additional Tribute Summon.

The Spell and Monster immune Master Peace, the True Dracoslaying King was summoned. True Draco Heritage sent to the graveyard targets the face-down card of Cheuk Shing for destruction. Cheuk Shing chained the card without any hesitation – Scapegoat!

Four goat tokens were summoned and it formed a barricade to defend Cheuk Shing from Master Peace’s direct attack. However, it would seem that Hou Chong has other plans in mind – With Invocation still in hand, he activated it, fusing a Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring from his hand and Aleister the Invoker in the graveyard.

Invoked Purgatorio has yet to appear on the field, but Cheuk Shing surrendered, understanding his predictment. With four Scapegoat Tokens on the field, it will be a feast for Invoked Purgatorio to overkill.


Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring finally appears in the game. Hou Chong takes the first game, surprising his opponent with his Main Deck Skull Meister. His Invoked engine also bolstered the consistency of the deck, ensuring that Hou Chong has a steady flow of resources.


Duel 2

Despite losing, Cheuk Shing gave Hou Chong the first move.

Hou Chong went ahead with Dragonic Diagram and destroyed Maxx “C” for the search. Cheuk Shing was caught smiling, probably because he has one less Hand Trap to worry about.


Hou Chong summoned Dinomight Knight, the True Dracofighter by tributing over True Draco’s Apocalypse. He added a card to the backrow and ended his turn.


Cheuk Shing started the game with Pot of Desires. The hefty cost of 10 banished cards turned out to be in vain, as Hou Chong dropped Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring, negating it. Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring is really causing a myriad of problems for Cheuk Shing.

Cheuk Shing went ahead with a Special Summon of Heroic Challenger – Assault Halberd. Trickstar Candina was summoned and its effect activates, Hou Chong annouced his intention to chain Dinomight’s effect, but now it is time for CS to chain his own Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring, stopping Dinomight from gaining advantage.

Trickstar’s Lightstage was searched and activated. However, Hou Chong removed it with Cosmic Cyclone, losing 1200LP for himself as Trickstar Candina is on the field.

(Cheuk Shing 8000 – Hou Chong 6800)

What followed next was Book of Moon flipping Dinomight face-down. Heroic Challenger – Assault Halberd pierced for 300ATK damage but could not destroy Dinomight due to Dragonic Diagram. Trickstar Candina had to attack a second time for Dinomight to be destroyed by battle.

(Cheuk Shing 8000 – Hou Chong 6500)

Via Heroic Challenger – Assault Halberd, another copy was added to Cheuk Shing’s hand.

Main Phase 2 arrives and Cheuk Shing fortifies his field with an Xyz Summon of Traptricks Rafflesia. Hou Chong draws and passes. Cheuk Shing takes this chance to activate Scapegoat during Hou Chong’s End Phase.

Facing an blank field, Cheuk Shing punches numbers on the calculator furiously and made some calculation before committing to his moves.

Firstly, Traptrix Rafflesia and one Scapegoat Token were used to summon Missus Radiant. Two other Scapegoat Tokens summoned a second copy. Cheuk Shing then summoned Heroic Challenger – Assault Halberd and turned his final Scapegoat into Attack Position.

All monsters attacked directly to win Cheuk Shing the duel.

(Cheuk Shing 8000 – Hou Chong 0000)

Proving Scapegoat to not only be a defensive tactic, Cheuk Shing turn the tables with his army of EARTH monsters,as the harmless tokens transform into Link monsters, armed with ATK boosts. Symbolically, the Scapegoat that cost him his first game won him back his second.

Cheuk Shing takes the game to the final game, providing a fitting conclusion to the climatic Yugioh Open Tournament Singapore 2017 Finals!!


Duel 3

Hou Chong exercised his option to take the first turn. With that, Hou Chong has taken the lead for all three games. But will he win this duel like he did for the first?

Hou Chong lead with Terraforming. But he went for Dragonic Diagram this time. Activating it on the field immediately after it is searched, the effect went through with no response from Cheuk Shing. Harpie’s Feather Duster was destroyed in favour of getting Majesty Maiden, the True Dracocaster into his hand. At that moment, time was called.

Players are now limited to two turns each as they enter the ‘Time Call’ procedure.

Hou Chong proceeded to Tribute Summon Majesty Maiden, the True Dracocaster by sending True Draco Heritage to the graveyard. Hou Chong set a card and ended his turn.

Cheuk Shing started his turn with Trickstar Lightstage but Hou Chong had Majesty Maiden, ready to use her effect. Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring was used to negate the search, but Hou Chong remained determined to get rid of the Field Spell. Cosmic Cyclone appeared at Chain 4.

(Cheuk Shing 8000 – Hou Chong 7000)

It turns out Cheuk Shing has another copy in his hand. He activated it to fetch Trickstar Candina, which was Normal Summoned to add Trickstar Reincarnation. Assault Halberd was special summoned onto the field. This was similar to the previous duel. Trickstar Lightstage targeted Hou Chong’s set card, forcing him to activate it – True King Apocalypse.

Instant Fusion is activated. 1000LP was paid to get Thousand-Eyes Restrict to the field. Thousand-Eyes Restrict attempted to steal Majesty Maiden over but Hou chong disallowed it by destroy his own monster with True King Apocalypse.

(Cheuk Shing 7000 – Hou Chong 7000)

Thousand-Eyes Restrict turned into Linkuriboh and all monsters went into attack. Despite having their attack halved by True King Apocalypse, the damage was far from being insignificant.

(Cheuk Shing 7000 – Hou Chong 4700)

Ib the World Chalice Priestess was summoned using Trickstar Candina and Assualt Halbred and it was used with Linkuriboh to summon out Ningirsu the World Chalice Warrior. The Link Summons surprised Hou Chong, as he was confused with the gimmicks that his opponent’s deck could afford.

Ningirsu the World Chalice Warrior used its effect to get rid of the Field Spells on both side of the field. Trickstar Lightstage was traded with Dragonic Diagram. With that Cheuk Shing ended his turn.


It has now come to Hou Chong’s final turn. Hou Chong drew his card with a solemn look. He inspected his opponent’s graveyard. With only one card in hand and True King’s Apocalypse on the field, would this be Hou Chong’s final turn? Hou Chong looked around, searching for an answer.

Sadly, Hou Chong could not find one. He extended his hand to indicate his surrender, congratulating his opponent on the victory.

Lai Cheuk Shing from Hong Kong is the new Yugioh Open Tournament Sinapore 2017 Champion. With his unconventional strategy involving EARTH Monsters and Trickstars, Lai Cheuk Shing emerged victorious in the tournament, consisting of 209 players.


This article was originally published on Yu-Gi-Oh! Events and has been republished with permission.

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