YOT Singapore 2019: Top 8 Decklists


1st, Louren Vidad (Philippines) [Thunder Dragon]

*Due to a Deck List Error, “Twin Twisters” was not recorded on the deck list. The player had received a penalty and had to continue playing with only 13 cards in the Side Deck.


2nd, Liu Quan (China) [Performapal Odd-Eyes Magician]


3 – 4th, Chueh Hao Hsuan (Taiwan) [Trickstar Orcust]


3 – 4th, Li Jin (Taiwan) [Endymion Zefra]


5 – 8th, Mok Hou Teng (Macau) [Danger Orcust]


5 – 8th, Truong Van Thang (Vietnam) [Salamangreat]


5 – 8th, Chan Ka Chon (Macau) [Danger Orcust]


5 – 8th, Ng Kei Sum (Hong Kong) [Trickstar]

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