YOT Thailand 2018: Final

The final match of the YOT Thailand 2018 saw two Hong Kong players being pitted against one another.

On the left is Leung Siu Pan and on the right is Cheung Wing Ho. Both are very experienced players who had represented Hong Kong in the Asia Championships and they are both running Sky Striker.


Duel 1

Wing Ho won the dice roll and chose to have Siu Pan go first.

Siu Pan opened with Sky Striker Mecha Hornet Bit and it was met with a Maxx “C”. “Sky Striker Ace Token” came down, drawing a card for Wing Ho and followed immediately was Ghost Reaper & Winter Cherries to banish Sky Striker Ace Kagari.

“Sky Striker Ace Token” became Sky Striker Ace Shizuku, and Siu Pan played Foolish Burial Goods sending Metalfoes Fusion. Sky Striker Start-Up Engage was played next, netting him a Sky Striker Mecha Widow Anchor and a card draw.

Metalfoes Fusion was then returned to the deck to draw a card, and 2 Spell/Trap cards were set to the backrow.

Moving to the End Phase, Wing Ho dropped an Effect Veiler on Shizuku, negating its End Phase Trigger Effect.

Wing Ho then opened with an Upstart Goblin, and then a Foolish Burial Goods of his own to send Metalfoes Fusion.

He followed with Sky Striker Skill Afterburner to destroy Shizuku and a set Spell/Trap card revealing to be Widow Anchor.

Engage added Sky Striker Skill Jamming Wave to hand and drew a card. Jamming Wave destroyed the other remaining set Spell/Trap card which was Foolish Burial Goods.

With the board open, Wing Ho was able to safely summon Sky Striker Ace Rei to go for a direct attack, and followed with her effect to switch into Kagari, taking back Engage. Kagari went in for another direct attack, bringing Siu Pan down to almost half his Life Points.

Kagari became Shizuku during the Main Phase 2 and Engage was played to add Sky Striker Mechanism Multi-Roll and draw a card.

Metalfoes Fusion was then returned to the deck to draw a card, Multi-Roll was played, and 2 Spell/Trap cards were set to the backrow.

Before moving to the End Phase, Siu Pan dropped an Effect Veiler to negate Shizuku.

Siu Pan played Afterburner, destroying Shizuku and a set Spell/Trap card revealing to be Widow Anchor. Rei was then Special Summon upon the destruction of Shizuku.

Siu Pan played a Rei of his own and switching it into Shizuku. Shizuku attacked into Rei, forcing it to switch into Shizuku too, halting the attack.

Main Phase 2 saw another Afterburner being played, and Wing Ho flipped over Sky Striker Mecha Shark Cannon to banish Rei. Afterburner destroyed Shizuku and Multi-roll.

The End Phase had Shizuku add Shark Cannon to hand.

Wing Ho played Hornet Bit and had the Token turned into Kagari, adding back Engage. Engage was played to add another Hornet Bit and draw a card.

Hornet Bit was played, Special Summoning a Token. Jet Synchron was then summoned and used with Kagari to Link Summon Crystron Needlefiber, whose effect Special Summoned Effect Veiler. Jet Synchro was then revived using its effect and with Needlefiber they were used to Link Summon Summon Sorceress.

Before Wing Ho could finish his combo, Siu Pan scooped up his cards knowing that the game was over.

Leung Siu Pan [Sky Striker] 0 – 1 Cheung Wing Ho [Sky Striker]


Duel 2

Siu Pan had Wing Ho go first, and Wing Ho opened with Foolish Burial Goods to send Metalfoes Fusion.

Metalfoes Fusion was returned to the deck to draw a card. Wing Ho set a card to the backrow and ended his turn.

Siu Pan also had a Foolish Burial Goods to send Metalfoes Fusion.

Rei was then summoned and made a direct attack, before using its effect to switch into Sky Striker Ace Hayate for another direct attack. Hayate’s effect sent Widow Anchor to the graveyard.

In the Main Phase 2, Hayate switched to Kagari and took back Widow Anchor. Metalfoes Fusion was returned to the deck to draw a card.

Kagari was switched into Shizuku and a Spell/Trap card was set to the backrow.

The End Phase saw Shizuku being negated by Widow Anchor.

Wing Ho had Jamming Wave to destroy Siu Pan’s set card, and Siu Pan flipped over Widow Anchor to negate his own Shizuku. By negating Shizuku, Wing Ho would then be unable to play Widow Anchor on Shizuku and taking control of it.

He then played Hornet Bit and used the Token to bring out Hayate.

Foolish Burial Goods was then played to send Engage to the graveyard.

Hayate attacked into Shizuku, and send Rei to the graveyard.

Both players then revived their own Rei, and Wing Ho had his Rei switched into Kagari, taking back Engage.

Kagari attacked Rei and Siu Pan had Rei’s effect activated, tributing itself as cost, and then chaining with Ghost Reaper.

Ghost Reaper banished Shizuku, while Rei became Hayate.

Kagari reselected Hayate as the attack target and Hayate was destroyed, and it sent Sky Striker Mecha Eagle Booster to the graveyard.

Main Phase 2 saw Engage adding Widow Anchor and drawing a card which turned out to be another Engage! Engage was played to add Shark Cannon and drawing another card. Reinforcement of the Army added Rei to hand.

2 cards were set to the backrow and that was Wing Ho’s turn.

During his turn, Siu Pan played Twin Twister to destroy both set Spell/Trap cards, and Wing Ho chained with Shark Cannon to Special Summon Kagari. Kagari took back Engage.

Ghost Reaper took out the remaining Kagari in Wing Ho’s Extra Deck before Hornet Bit Special Summoned a Token to be used for Link Summoning Hayate.

Hayate direct attacked and sent Engage.

Main Phase 2 had Hayate became Kagari to retrieve Engage. Engage was played to add Widow Anchor and then draw a card.

Kagari became Shizuku, Multi-roll was activated, and a Spell/Trap card was set.

The End Phase had Shizuku adding Shark Cannon to hand, which was then played immediately banishing Rei.

That gave Multi-roll one count of Sky Striker Spell, allowing it to set Widow Anchor onto the field.

Wing Ho moved straight to the Battle Phase and attacked with Kagari into Shizuku. Maxx “C” was dropped preemptively, prompting Siu Pan not to revive Rei.

When the 2nd Kagari tried to make a direct attack, it was stopped by Widow Anchor taking control of it.

Kagari become Hayate in the Main Phase 2, and Engage was played, adding Hornet Bit and drawing a card.

Twin Twister destroyed both of Siu Pan’s cards in the backrow. He set a monster before ending.

Siu Pan drew and played Foolish Burial Goods, sending Metalfoes Fusion and returning it for a draw. He did a quick table shuffle as his tournament life now depends on this draw. However it seems that he didn’t draw into any outs as his moves were simply setting a Spell/Trap and setting a monster before ending.

The next turn was Wing Ho using Mind Control on the set monster, taking it over and flipping it up to reveal an Effect Veiler.

Effect Veiler
and Hayate was used to Link Summon Needlefiber, which in turn Special Summoned Jet Synchron.

He flipped over Rei and used it with Jet Synchron to Synchro Summon Hi-Speedroid Chanbara.

Jet Synchron was revived and together all the monsters when in for a final attack of the game, match and the tournament.

Leung Siu Pan [Sky Striker] 0 – 2 Cheung Wing Ho [Sky Striker]


Wing Ho was so elated by his victory that he jumped right off his seat and threw his hands in the air!

Cheung Wing Ho from Hong Kong is our 7th YOT Champion.

This article was originally published on Yu-Gi-Oh! Events and has been republished with permission.

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