YOT Thailand 2018: Round of 64

Welcome back to Day 2 of the YOT Thailand 2018.

After the dust settled we are left with a majority of Sky Striker in the Top 64, and it was inevitable that we are having a mirror match.

On the left is Wu Po-I and on the right is Joniel Sunga.


Duel 1

Both players opened with a conservative Sky Striker Ace Shizuku opener to fetch for Sky Striker Start-Up Engage and start generating card advantage.

It came down to a game of attrition as both players were trading equally, but Joriel had a critical Called by the Grave on Sky Striker Ace Rei, halting his plays.

Po-I drew continue to draw dead the following turn and swiftly conceded the game.

Wu Po-I [Sky Striker] 0 – 1 Joniel Sunga [Sky Striker]


Duel 2

Po-I had a early lead with Sky Striker Mechanism Multi-Roll allowing him to recur his his Sky Striker Spell cards, but Joniel had an Evenly Match to even up the differences.

However, Po-I chose to keep Multi-Roll and that allowed him to continue snowballing his card advantage.

The game dragged on for a bit as Po-I was unable to finish the game but his lead widens as he continues to generate more card advantage with Multi-Roll and recurring Engage.

Po-I was eventually able to push for game using Kagari while having 10 Spell cards in the graveyard.

Wu Po-I [Sky Striker] 1 – 1 Joniel Sunga [Sky Striker]


Duel 3

Time was called during Side Decking, so the deciding game will be played under the Extra Duel.

Po-I opened with 2 cards to the backrow and Sky Striker Ace Rei into Sky Striker Ace Shizuku and fetched for Sky Striker Start-Up Engage during the End Phase.

Joniel activated Mind Control on Shizuku and used it to Link Summon Hayate. Hayate sent Engage, allowing Kagari to return salvage during the Main Phase 2.

Engage got Sky Striker Skill Jamming Wave to take out Mystical Space Typhoon. Joniel set 2 cards to the backrow.

Kagari switched to Shizuku and fetched Widow Anchor during the End Phase.

Po-I flipped over his Twin Twister to destroy both of Joniel set cards. But when he tried to make a play his only move was countered an Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. That was the game as Po-I is down at 6500 Life Points and had no way to close that gap during his final turn during the Extra Duel.

Wu Po-I [Sky Striker] 1 – 2 Joniel Sunga [Sky Striker]


Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring is Joniel’s winning ace for both duels were won with it. Joneil will be moving on to the Top 32.

This article was originally published on Yu-Gi-Oh! Events and has been republished with permission.

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