YOT Thailand 2018: Swiss Round 5

We are just slightly after the halfway mark and we have two players from Table 2.

Ng Wai Loong (left) is from Malaysia and he is running Altergeist. Wai Loong had previously finished in 4th at the previous YOT Singapore 2017.

Thanachart Techajaroonjit (right) is from Thailand and he is running Sky Striker.


Duel 1

Wai Loong went first and opened with Altergeist Meluseek into Linkuriboh, but the search was negated by Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring.

He set 2 cards to the backrow and ended.

Twin Twisters from Thanachart hit the two backrow cards, and Wai Loong chained Altergeist Materialization to revive Altergeist Meluseek.

Altergeist Meluseek was then destroyed again, getting off another search, and Wai Loong chained with Altergeist Multifaker.

Multifaker was successfully Special Summoned, but the effect to bring out another Altergeist was negated by Infinite Impermanence.

Wai Loong was free to go off with his Sky Striker Ace Rei into Sky Striker Ace Hayate and then Sky Striker Ace Kagari, starting off his series of generating card advantage while clear the opponent’s board.

Sky Striker Mechanism Multi-Roll and Sky Striker Ace Shizuku tops it off during the End Phase putting Thanachart at an overwhelming advantage.

Wai Loong continued to fight an uphill battle by summoning Altergeist Marionetter but it was negated by Sky Striker Mecha Widow Anchor.

Thanachart attempted to push for the game by going into Crystron Needlefiber but it was negated by Effect Veiler.

Wai Loong was able to prolong the game but he drew no out. A Twin Twisters on his only set Spell/Trap was the final straw and he conceded the game.

Ng Wai Loong [Altergeist] 0 – 1 Thanachart Techajaroonjit [Sky Striker]


Duel 2

Wai Loong opened with 3 set cards to his backrow, but Thanachart had a Harpie’s Feather Duster to clear them.

Wai Loong chained with Mind Crush and declared Sky Striker Start-Up Engage, but it was a miss. Mind Crush then discarded Altergeist Multifaker, killing his chance of putting up a defense.

Thanachart’s follow up was a couple of set Spell/Trap cards and that was the turn.

Wai Loong came up with Altergeist Marionetter but it was negated by Effect Veiler. Marionetter got in a direct attack and that was the turn.

Thanachart got his Sky Striker Ace Rei and that quickly developed into Hayate then Kagari, netting more card advantage along the way. Shizuku finishes up the turn.

Wai Loong drew and played Pot of Duality immediately, but there were no outs among them, before he offers his handshake.

Ng Wai Loong [Altergeist] 0 – 2 Thanachart Techajaroonjit [Sky Striker]


Another Sky Striker take a win over Altergeist but this was a one-sided convincing victory.

This article was originally published on Yu-Gi-Oh! Events and has been republished with permission.

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