Yu-Gi-Oh! Neuron

Remember Project Neuron, the phone app promised to load in your deck list with a photo and much more?

If you haven’t heard, Yu-Gi-Oh! Neuron is a planned official phone app due for release soon which allows you to make Deck lists on it, use it as a calculator and more.
You will be able to search for cards and even get the app to recognize cards that you aim your camera at, letting you get  all the card information at a go.
By taking a photo or searching for cards, you can also register your decks. Decks set as public can also be searched for or copied.

Decks can then be registered onto the OCG Card database, with a limit of 10 decks. The limit is released if you register an account with the database.

You can even simulate a 5 card draw with the deck lists you register!A calculator is also available, where you can use it to calculate your life points. Lifepoints are logged so you can track back at a later time. Other functions also include dice, coin toss and a timer.

No news provided yet on when the app will be ready yet but it looks promising!

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