Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens

A new Yu-Gi-Oh! anime has been announced on stream!

Here is the trailer for the new anime!



The anime will revolve around Elementary Schoolers with the name for the main character to be announced as [Oudou Yuuga]!

Story plot:

Set in the near future, the story is set in Goha City, which is governed by Goha Corp, the largest corporation in the city. All rules of daily life, ranging from school to dueling are set by them

Oudou Yuga, who is a student in Goha Seventh Elementary aims to change this stifling world for children with his own creation of his road Rush Duel!

<- Goha Seventh Elementary
Goha Main Office Building ->

Oudou Yuuga (11 years old)
A fifth grader attending  Goha Seventh Elementary, who likes Dueling and inventing. He names all his creations “load”.  His ace monster is “Seventh-Load Magician”.

Luke (Kamijou Tatsuhisa) (11 years old)
Yuga’s classmate from the next class. He calls himself “Goha Seventh Elementary’s Number One Duelist”.
His ace monster is “Rengekiryuu Dragears” (Rushdragon Dragias)

Sougetsu Gakuto (12 years old)
A six grader and also student council president of Goha Seventh Elementary. He is very serious, and is never late or absent. His ace monster is “Mashou Yamerula” (Yamerula the Dark General)

The anime will debut in April, 2020. So stay tuned!

Source: Jump Festa Live Stream

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